unova2020-03-17 19:33:08
that's... i'm not sure any of the red menace are still alive to approve of this comic anyway
unova2020-03-17 19:11:35
mind explaining the joke?
Unova2018-07-05 18:05:04
Syringe you retard i've only posted here twice. You just tryna shift blame on me
Unova2018-07-05 17:03:35
i am a furry
Unova2018-07-05 15:12:34
Im a fucking retard
Unova2018-07-05 15:08:36
this is unfunny impersonation. you cant even get the name right
Unova2018-07-05 14:51:06
PogChamp why did you not just xenforo
Unova2017-06-27 12:41:08
>use xenforo
do this, you can transport all the threads
Unova2017-06-27 12:41:08
>use xenforo
do this, you can transport all the threads
Unova2017-06-27 10:29:06
join if you are not gay
Unova2017-06-27 09:52:36
That's not the real badspot ^^^
Unova2017-06-26 13:26:49
shedletsky died though.. in 2012.
Unova2017-06-26 12:11:42
we have this
Unova2017-06-26 11:10:23
join this nibba
Unova2017-06-26 10:15:58
a bunch of heathens are impersonating you on these treasonous forums
unova2017-06-26 10:05:21
no i'm real
Unova2017-06-26 10:03:56
i'm sorry my attack stat is at 0
Unova2017-06-26 10:02:16
behold the nazi superweapon
Unova2017-06-26 09:50:33
hey :b:eter
Unova2017-06-26 08:56:48
Incase anyone more wants to join or hasn't already joined,

no it isn't owned by iban, he just has a rank because he doesn't have a forum account, so do all the other unknown people in there
Unova2017-06-26 07:53:10
the hdd fried.

Also, I dare you to make the worst possible game ever
Unova2017-06-26 07:39:37
Unova2017-06-26 06:46:12
Queeba went to the Brothel
Unova2017-06-26 02:52:56
checking in again: join here, there's alot of blf users
Unova2017-06-26 02:21:14
grimlock has been infected with the gay
Unova 2017-06-26 02:20:01
hey there's a discord now
i'll just be watching and talking mostly, more notable and kind hearted forum members will be promoted to admin
Unova2017-06-26 02:16:59
hey weathernerd
Unova2017-06-26 02:16:00
>>How the fuck does blockland attract all the fucking degenerates.

random chance
Unova2017-06-26 02:15:34
also, it's not cool if you're BOS or some shit and you are impersonating a 15 year old on the internet to try to get a reaction lol
Unova2017-06-26 02:14:11
hey guys, just incase you did not know, furries make up like 50% of the blf, it cool if you are hiding it
Unova2017-06-26 02:12:42
I'm a furry
Unova2017-06-26 02:11:30
hey buddy you know that is a normal thing to say on blf now
Unova2017-06-26 02:05:12
if anyone wants me to host any of the games here say it:
Unova2017-06-26 02:02:38
does anyone wanna play terraria or something idk
Unova2017-06-26 02:01:27

if you ignore them because they're not causing any major damage then maybe they will go away
Unova2017-06-26 02:00:13
i just got to silver elite on csgo. i fucking suck