3D Printed RadioShack and Tandy LCD Game Shelves
LCD Game Display Shelf
I designed and 3D printed display shelves for my old LCD games.

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3D Printed Game Gear Shelf
Game Gear Shelf
I designed and 3D printed a Game Gear game display shelf.

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Leisure Vision Box Inserts
Leisure Vision Box Inserts
I designed and 3D printed some box inserts for Leisure Vision games.

Finally, a solution to the problem that has plagued so many of us for so long.

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3D Printed Alarm Clock Battery Cover
3D Printed Battery Cover
The battery cover on my ancient alarm clock broke so I designed and 3D printed a replacement.

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NES Cartridge Shadow Box Mount
3D Printed NES Cart Mount
I've designed a 3D printed frame for mounting an NES cartridge in a shadow box.

And now I give it to you.

The people.

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Ugly on Purpose
Ugly on Purpose
I've written an article about video game women being made intentionally ugly.

It's actually more like a collection of images.

Documenting a war crime.

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Comic Do You Guys Have Gas
Gas Station Comic
I wrote a topical comic about the current gas shortage. I hope it will fade into obscurity and not be continually relevant for years to come.

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Brown Ring of Quality
Brown ring of quality logo
How one Dilbert comic predicted the future of brand design!

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Comic Anti Firing Squad
Hypocritical firing squad comic
You can talk your way out of any situation.

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Red Squiggles
Chrome spell checker
I have compiled a highly important list of words that chrome doesn't recognize but google does.

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