crissz2015-01-15 20:56:20
no problem, i could never get the neo geo rage emulator to launch through romshelf. so i just changed to mame instead. glad you got it working.
crissz2015-01-14 20:11:58
also if you havint allready, try to run it in windowed mode and see if you still get the error. and if the emulator has 3d accerlaton option check it. ive only used project 64 twice before. not to familiar with the options
crissz2015-01-14 19:45:21
you are going to have to do some google searching. its a known problem with the emulator and certain cards. type your error in google there is a video on youtube about it aswell you might have to disable the direct 3d. theres alot of hits on google for it. i cant test it myself im running linux and have an ATI. some people say you have to reinstall or update display drivers ect.. but you dont have an issue with this outside of romshelf. so i would try to disable the direct 3d first type
"How to fix Project 64 Error" in google you should get a youtube video show up.
crissz2015-01-14 02:17:58
change the emulator resolution as the same as your screen res but use 16 bit for emulator instead of 32 bit and see if that helps with the direct x error
crissz2015-01-12 01:35:41
never used it before, but you could try [ROMBASE] with and without quotes and see if that works.
crissz2015-01-04 00:24:05
for my NES the emulator dir is

launch parameter is "[ROMFILE]"
rom directory .\roms\NES


snes -cart "[ROMFILE]" -joystick

also my roms are not zipped
crissz2015-01-04 00:05:57
EAGLE TECH when using the .\ did you make sure that both the rom/emulator path have the .\ and not just the rom path.. what a weird thing going on i have mine on linux at the moment. no problems except for certain emulators not working. ill post my settings that i have mine set on. in abit.
crissz2015-01-03 23:54:07
ISSUE try setting up romshelf options to exit the emulator with your controller assign start & select at the same time. or whatever buttons you want. that, or try the esc button on the keyboard
crissz2014-12-31 03:26:10
are you trying to load cue bin files or rom files? and are the roms just in the rom folder or are the roms in a folder inside that folder? i had issues when ripping iso tracks for turbografx cd games as i had to use different folders per game the scan would detect them but when trying to launch it said it cannot find path. do you have this problem with every emulator or just certain ones?
crissz2014-12-18 05:12:48
ok well i have just formatted the computer. stuck in the usb stick with romshelf, and the drive letter is now i: and it loaded the games fine. something must be messed up with your config path. what windows are you testing this under? i assume its launching the emulator, but comes up with that error on the rom. how many directory's do you have in the rom shelf folder? are you just using the rom folder thats there, or do you have sub folders within that folder.
crissz2014-11-10 23:27:37
for the emulator settings in romshelf mine is .\emulators\snes9x\snes9x.exe the path for the roms is .\roms\SNES
run it and make sure it works before anything else. do the same with every emulator and rom path, for what ever system you have. i prefer to use mednafen for most of my emulation. anyways it runs off my USB drive which is drive J: with no problem, or any USB flash stick. i dont have linux so have no clue, if romshelf runs on linux i cant see there being a issue. you will have to test that :)
crissz2014-10-31 20:15:36
try Relative paths for the emulator and rom paths
crissz2014-10-23 23:20:40
also some security suites will block the scanning of folders. i had a problem with comodo security blocking my scans even though i permitted it, it still would block romshelf from scanning the dir and it would never remember the settings for mameUI i had to keep allowing it every time. wouldint even show up in the allowed applications it was just an invisible space. so if you have any security on try disabling it if you still get issues
crissz2014-10-23 23:05:16
hey matt to make it easier your roms /emulators should be in the same DIR as romself launch command is .\emulators\MAME\MAMEUI32.exe launch parameters is "[ROMFILE]" mame exe game list is .\emulators\MAME\MAMEUI32.exe rom directory is .\roms\MAME if your roms still dont show try unchecking include subdirectories.
crissz2014-05-05 00:49:11 which is streets of rage II thats the only one i care about. also when i use this command in rom directory .\emulators\Ootake\install\Ys Book I & II (U) i can load ys no problems. all games are put into the install folder, so if i do this .\emulators\Ootake\install\ it recognizes the games but when you try to load any of them it says "cue does not exist" i had this problem with other rom folders in the past. but unchecking include subdirectories fixed it. but not on this one. if you know anything i can do to fix this please let me know.
crissz2014-05-03 04:59:49
anyone know how to disable the craproms/clones editing the craprom.txt and setting it to read only as mentioned in the pdf does not work.