Reactor Worker2012-05-14 04:50:25
Easily the most disturbing music video I've ever seen. The band is the "Hot Chips" if anyone wants to find the video on Youtube.
Reactor Worker2011-12-07 22:29:23
Even with a friend "egging" me on to play it I don't think I got quite as far as you did. Too much commitment, too little fun.

Perhaps worst of all, the trailers always show enormous capital ships and huge fleet vs fleet combat but the player starts in a tiny ship and will rarely see anything close to massive combat.
Reactor Worker2011-02-13 17:25:36
You stay classy internet. Stay classy.
Reactor Worker2010-09-12 15:00:48
Poor guy. Perhaps they need to rethink their marketing strategy.
Reactor Worker2010-05-30 17:01:16
I think the Turian (Garrus) would get sick if he consumed that. Something about different kinds of acids or something was mentioned.