EagleTech2015-01-02 16:57:41
The error occurs with every single rom I attempt to run. It appears to just add a part of the relative path in front of the actual path. example: path is J:\roms\ROMNAME.zip and Romshelf is looking for .\roms\ROMNAME.zip\J:\roms\ROMNAME.zip...
EagleTech2014-12-29 16:42:46
I am just using the Rom Folder that is there. I am working with Windows 7. I can make it work on a single computer, but if I move from my desktop to my laptop (without setting it up prior), it doesn't work automatically. I have about 4 laptops and 2 desktops that I want to interchange the usb without having to install/setup each time I move it to a new computer. I would do it through a script, but I can run it automatically on Windows 7 due to lack of autorun functionality from USB in windows 7. I really appreciate your thoughts on this.
EagleTech2014-12-03 17:23:31
This is a FrontEnd to run an emulator with ROMs. It consolidates the emulator and ROMs into an easy to use "dashboard".
EagleTech2014-11-13 18:57:01
Thanks Crissz, I have tried that and although it finds the Roms during regeneration, it does not load the Rom. It pops an error "Cannot find path .\roms\J:\roms\*GAMENAME*" I am still messing with the settings. My USB is currently pulling drive J: but when I unplug and bring to another device or back to this one, it will get a different drive letter.
EagleTech2014-11-05 20:20:43
How do I setup relative path for a usb flash drive? I realize in theory that should work, just not sure how to accomplish it... I need some constant relative path that will work in all windows systems and if possible linux systems... I really appreciate the assistance.Thanks.
EagleTech2014-10-30 19:03:57
Second Posting - NOt sure if this is the same spot as the first posting I recently submitted.
This front end seems awesome. I have only played with it for a a couple of hours, but looks great.

I am trying to set this up for a portable usb system and I am not seeing a way to setup the pathways for relative shortcuts or even wildcards "*". I would love any help making this work.
EagleTech2014-10-30 18:26:01
Hi, I am experimenting with running RomShelf from a usb drive. I would like to have everything self-contained on the flash drive for use on any PC I choose. Is there a way to setup wildcards "*" for the drive letter in the rom and emulator paths or is there any chance I could get assistance in making this happen? Thanks.