Artificial Life
An artificial life program made in visual basic for my 8th grade science project

Hash2010-09-09 20:59:20
Whats this i dont even...
Acid's Plain2010-09-12 01:16:52
This is actually quite interesting.

...? Read the description.
Darkness2011-02-16 22:50:50
I can't install it.
Badspot2011-02-17 03:52:01
>I can't install it.

Exactly what kind of reply do you expect with that level of information provided?
rockslide262011-03-12 23:59:25
It says 'Error accessing the system registy'
Custard2011-07-26 19:00:56
What grade did you get on it? Much better than any project I did
kirby22011-10-02 17:20:52
Cool..i wish i could get it!
Ozmar2012-04-09 02:43:20
You are one scripter! When did you start?
Jerkface2012-06-26 09:40:38
I think this is a good basis to go and make an indie game with. Obviously there should be more per bug, as well as graphical improvements, but it'd be fun nonetheless.

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