Bisjac2017-06-26 13:15:49
that banner is the tits!
Bisjac2012-03-05 10:54:34
The standard fanboy defence usually does sound like this "well you need to play it more, the fun stuff is later, you have to put more time into it" or similar lines.
games are allowed to be boring for only about 10 minutes when you are in a tutorial and there are story setting scenes. if it takes any longer, the developers have failed. the requirement for fun shouldnt be to "play more"
Bisjac2011-10-03 00:22:04
mmmmm sharp shoulder blades.
Bisjac2011-09-07 03:00:05
I bet there is treasure under that brick.
bisjac2007-03-06 02:04:27
i like when whats his face jets out of the grave.
so out of place, its awesome
Bisjac2007-03-06 13:57:47
this pic has new meaning now that retail is out.