Altiris2013-03-03 17:29:30
Badspot is a handyman!
Altiris2012-12-21 17:08:04
Lol, you talk about not enough air and then you bring out a smaller case, im like "wtf?". Is it going to stay looking like a benchmark PC?
Altiris2012-09-10 19:59:31
I wonder why nobody has commented on this picture yet.
Altiris2012-07-08 03:10:17
:O That's boss, lol!
Altiris2012-06-20 17:01:48
Oh wait I read the desc wrong
Altiris2012-06-17 16:44:15
oh nice, so this is like 2D level design?
Altiris2012-04-20 01:05:23
How much time do you spend making these...honest question.
Altiris2012-04-20 01:04:28
The voice that sounds like its in the Background is Badspot's I think.
Altiris2012-04-20 01:03:14