PK Freeze2018-07-08 20:50:18
no thats captain hoovy
Is that a...2018-07-08 20:46:53
Grimlock2018-07-08 20:39:21
isn't pk freeze the retard that spams glass all the time
Grimlock2018-07-08 20:39:15
isn't pk freeze the retard that spams glass all the time
Jadedacat19762018-07-08 20:39:04
@Badspot I think you should change to xenforo
Nani?!?!?!?2018-07-08 20:37:48
This must be the work of an enemy stand!
sheer heart attack2018-07-08 20:36:21
has no weakness
poop2018-07-08 20:33:02
i poop
PK Freeze2018-07-08 20:31:13
Grimlock more like, lockjaw, a spasm of the jaw muscles, causing the mouth to remain tightly closed, typically as a symptom of tetanus.
Grimlock2018-07-08 20:23:30
filipe is a chimp
Mario2018-07-08 20:19:18
MORICHi2018-07-08 20:18:20
So uh, what's up fellas?
@ILoveStapler2018-07-08 20:12:08
Casual Sunday?
Average car add-on maker2018-07-08 20:11:57
Superkart is basically Knack. Superkart 2 will be Knack 2.
xxsonicxx062018-07-08 19:57:28
Damn, I will sure miss the forums, how the fuck will we get our addons? And what about our clan. Now there is a chance the forums is finally dead and will rest from the cancerous tom fuckery from you guys. I hope this will be more kind and more disease accepting.
badspot t2018-07-08 19:38:00
Everyone. Add me on roblox. Im bad spot.
badspot t2018-07-08 19:36:47
Im adding Super Wario to the game. Rest in piece Suyper wario. Im bad spot.
badspot t2018-07-08 19:35:02
Shut up. Big gay. You arent Funny for real. Im Bad Spot.
big gay2018-07-08 19:34:47
big big gay
badspot t2018-07-08 19:33:53
Hey guys its really me, Bad Spot.
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:32:43
Ja Ja Ja Ja
Monkey2018-07-08 19:32:18
Are you paying for my plane ticket? The Zoo doesn't make me much money.
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:31:15
Stupid fucking monkey come to brazil
Monkey2018-07-08 19:30:32
I didn't even say anything dude.
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:29:07
Fuck off stupid cunt
Grimlock2018-07-08 19:26:59
Shut up monkey
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:22:45
Just come to Brazil.
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 19:22:37
Fuck you americans always the same.
Marwio2018-07-08 19:22:04
Fuck Yu Sexy Bitch
lag2018-07-08 19:12:37
dude im lagging
eat oabt2018-07-08 19:05:59
tbf2018-07-08 18:55:14
sexy2018-07-08 18:37:51
Do The Marwio
sexy2018-07-08 18:37:50
Do The Marwio
Wario2018-07-08 18:36:31
SPRITE2018-07-08 18:29:58
just use mybb or phpbb
Cool Blockhead2018-07-08 18:27:27
This is absolutely absurd, this anonymous posting, it is clearly a repeat of April Fools 2016.
torin32018-07-08 18:26:24
I ship myself, tito, and kidalex. We are all gonna have a gay ol' time!
Bedspoot2018-07-08 18:20:18
Hewoo i am bedspoot and i wool boop ur snoot and gr8dayseth is gay lool
truememestar2018-07-08 18:13:26
i wanted to download super creeper lol
Mocheeze2018-07-08 17:54:45
Not dead.
Tony Orlando2018-07-08 17:49:38
Wario is dead.
P1xelized2018-07-08 17:37:12
bye blf
Real Taboo2018-07-08 17:20:08
Fucking Badspot
Fuck off felipe2018-07-08 17:17:07
sonlinne2018-07-08 16:56:51
@CB he has a discord server where he posts his silly toys and his awful "animations" regularly. i've noticed he also types like my dad and it puts me off
Superfun909/wilrnilr2018-07-08 16:54:45
Well this is exciting.
Muttiilpomodoronero2018-07-08 16:41:25
plz badspot hurry up
trueblood11112018-07-08 16:12:05
July 8th, the forums are still down
FelipeO_O2018-07-08 15:23:17
What the fuck youre name
icapsed2018-07-08 15:19:17
what do these blox city fuckos have against us huh
Any problem user can use this2018-07-08 14:37:03
Say hi to taboobles and shit
FelipeO_O is a fucking cuck2018-07-08 14:36:33
We need a Blockland Down the Rabbit Hole
Vienna2018-07-08 14:17:59
pan man2018-07-08 14:13:37
pee man2018-07-08 13:37:26
PK Freeze2018-07-08 13:27:49
No, who are you?
Scaredhappyguy/qaydrin2018-07-08 13:18:25
did you miss me m8s
Formor Mombor2018-07-08 12:56:59
O docodo to chock oot thos forom on o whom oftor 3 yoors ond tho foroms gots ottockod yot ogoon. obsolotoly holorooos.
Rolfey952018-07-08 12:24:36
Is it known how many accounts where actually affected?
Rolfey952018-07-08 12:18:29
New Blockland forums looks nice
h2018-07-08 11:29:49
stop whining
cumcat2018-07-08 10:53:03
Around elves...
Wank Frest2018-07-08 09:57:49
I've covered porns you know.
JC Denton2018-07-08 09:01:59
What a shame.
Fwank West2018-07-08 08:53:02
I've cwovewed waws u know uwu
Fwank Rest2018-07-08 08:23:25
C've iovered yars, waknow
Frank West2018-07-08 08:03:26
I've covered wars, yaknow
CBlock3602018-07-08 07:43:03
Doraezach's account was perm banned on the forum but not ingame.
Falco2018-07-08 07:42:12
Hello! Wario? Is that you?
buttmunch2018-07-08 07:31:46
its only been 3 days but it feels like forever
2018-07-08 07:19:33
You can tell who posts no matter the name by the symbol and color next to their name in the Comments section.
identofy2018-07-08 07:18:24
blockland forums
forber mebner2018-07-08 07:16:27
Ie decidae to check oot this forum on a hwim ahtar 3 years and teh forums gets attackead yet again. Absolutely heilarioos.
former member2018-07-08 07:01:56
I decide to check out this forum on a whim after 3 years and the forums gets attacked yet again. Absolutely hilarious.
Comment2018-07-08 06:39:43
Finger2018-07-08 06:39:23
Nasal2018-07-08 06:39:06
Club2018-07-08 06:38:28
Dangerous2018-07-08 06:38:11
Unreasonable2018-07-08 06:37:39
Gun2018-07-08 06:37:14
Autism2018-07-08 06:36:59
Child2018-07-08 06:36:36
I love anonymous posting.2018-07-08 06:35:56
Isn't this fun
It is very true that centerman12346 is banned from the actual Blf.
chubs2018-07-08 06:20:23
badspot we're hungry
officerzach2018-07-08 05:53:19
im back with my doraemon
Joseph Joestar2018-07-08 05:53:13
nul2018-07-08 05:32:13
"i mean, sorry, but its something you should have revealed to the retard team of smf themselves instead of the people viewing your profile waiting for your SMF forum to go up"

This is the reply if you wanted to see it.
trueblood11112018-07-08 05:10:58
Zach got his account perma banned
CBlock3602018-07-08 04:52:57
I wonder how officerzach is doing? Last time i've even seen or heard of him he had an arguement about furbies, but this was months ago.
Steve Harvey2018-07-08 04:41:19
I'll find you Wario...
anon2018-07-08 04:29:37
This new watermelon sour patch kid slurpie at 7/11 tastes great
CBlock3602018-07-08 04:28:32
Guys, what if we made superkart 2.0? That will surely revive Blockland!
Imperium2018-07-08 04:22:01
Imperium2018-07-08 04:21:54
When the forums come back somebody is going to have their reputation destroyed
Waluigi2018-07-08 04:12:49
i'm not in smash
Waluigi2018-07-08 04:05:43
What did you say? Stephen, this can't be true...
sonlinne2018-07-08 04:03:27
so far this is the worst walking dead game episode