Comic Monacular Degeneration
When everything in Monaco is a rainbow colored box it's hard to tell.

Also I think something like 8% of my comics are in some way about toilets.

Comic 'Monacular Degeration'

Panel 1
Ms.Hacker: Ok, I'm "the hacker", right? Time to hack this computer!

Panel 2
[Hacking begins?]

Panel 3
Ms.Lookout: That's a toilet. You're peeing in that.

emaN2013-05-04 11:20:03
The girls are back in town?
TMI2013-05-07 02:11:00
But why is she doing it while standing?..
dude2013-06-13 07:47:27
wonders of hacking
Cod2014-06-17 10:21:47
dear god, she may be a futa

how lovely...
Catking2022-04-08 15:08:54
why she standing up tho??
Sink pisser2023-05-23 06:56:08
>why she standing up tho??

Badspot doesn't understand how women work.

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