Bernie Off The Top Rope
On the subreddit /r/FunnyAndSad, there is a robot/shill that does nothing but cross-post links to /r/democraticSocialism. Today it dropped all pretense and posted this Bernie Sanders meme.

It got upvotes despite not being funny or sad. I edited it to be more of both.

Jetz2020-01-29 15:05:51
Looking over the moderator list, that 600k user subreddit seems to be operated entirely by a middle aged Pakistani man with three accounts:

The head moderator was shadowbanned, the only other human account only ever made two posts, and the last one is a bot. You can probably get away with posting anything there as long as it's popular enough and the report button will mean about as much as a suggestion box that gets skimmed through every once in a while.

Do NOT post html or bb code. You will be auto-banned.