miked2011-01-03 16:09:27
That is nearly 6 years ago now... jesus christ. I was 15 when I read that Edge article. In fact I remember telling you I saw it in some thread (like "where did you find blockland?") on the forums. Now I'm about to graduate from university. My little brother plays Blockland retail at least once a week and he is now 12 - so he is going through it all again. It won't be the same though. Ah, nostalgia.

I just found your website when it appeared on my reddit homepage: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/ev8sy/ponytail_angle_of_attack_vs_intelligence_pic/

Hope you are keeping well Eric. I will buy you a pint if you ever drop by London.

miked2011-01-03 16:09:03
My message is too long so I will split it up.

^ Haha! This is how I found Blockland; I remember reading EDGE on a plane to California (I live in the UK) on an Easter vacation. When I returned from the 3 week holiday I remembered those couple paragraphs and downloaded BL 1.002 I think. Weeks later everyone was talking about BL Mods which was the new thing. AiO came along, and RTB challenged them (Lonhaj) soon after. I then spent huge portions of almost all my free time on either blockland or AOT. I recall so much from AOT. The first time I got the gold hook, forming a gang called the penguins, shop roof glitch, the day I guessed purely by chance that your admin password was "vanilla"! I owe a lot of happy memories from my adolescence to you.
miked2006-07-16 19:34:04
needs more broom!