Dennis2013-07-21 13:11:34
Ok, I see what you mean, thank you! The only other thing I wanted to ask, you indicated how to add a system, in my case, an entry for the Sega CD. How do you then add the appropriate system logo for it? I put a .png in the system folder, named after the system, but that didn't seem to do anything.

Thank you again for your work on this, and your help!
Dennis2013-07-20 23:59:48
For example, I have 248 NES Roms that I handpicked to use.. it will scan the folder, and say 240 roms found, 4 crap roms ignored, 4 duplicate roms ignored. How do I make it show all 248, regardless of what they are, if that's possible?
Dennis2013-07-18 02:59:59
Is there any way to force Romshelf to show/play the roms you have, clones or not? There are some games I wouldn't mind being able to play, but the frontend automatically prunes them out. Thanks, this thing is great otherwise, JUST what I was looking for in a frontend!
Dennis2013-05-28 22:31:42
Just discovered this frontend, would like to say I enjoy it very much - Is this still being updated, I'd love to see a version that plays video snaps, otherwise, thanks!
dennis2011-01-08 02:40:16
Beautiful, and very nice treatment of the stars and clouds; reminds me of a line from Aldiss, "and through the wisps of cloud, the stars shone with a terrible urgency."