Romuser2023-08-14 12:43:00
To date i can not find a front end that is as easy to set up or function as well as romshelf. Ide truly pay to have the same romshelf with the ability to turn off rom filtering
Romuser2023-08-14 12:41:17
Is there a way to force crap roms to list? Deleting crap roms file doesnt seem to help.

Is there maybe a command at the console? Or a way to manually add? I only ask as RomShelf is the best hands down but is omitting too many roms i would like it to list
Romuser2023-08-12 19:23:29
Been using it here as well. Its amazing. But noticed it abandons certain roms that i wish it didnt abandon.
Romuser2023-08-09 20:47:31
Is romshelf abandoned?