Proto Man Blues2012-05-30 20:11:01
Badspot, Is there a way to get ROM Shelf to recognize any of the video snapshots from Or might a future version of ROM Shelf be able to do this? I have complete sets I'd like to use with ROM Shelf.
Proto Man Blues2012-01-13 04:41:45
So does has anyone got SSF or another Sega Saturn emulator working in Romshelf?
Proto Man Blues2012-01-07 19:31:37
Went ahead and converted over to version 2. works like a charm!! Only thing left to do is configure Sega Saturn. I looked at some of the other front-ends like Hyperspin and Maximus Arcade... both of them have .ini files for running Saturn games with SSF. My guess is they are also using a batch file to open up Daemon Tools or something like that as well....
Proto Man Blues2012-01-07 03:12:35
Also, I was curious as to what you use for your Sega Saturn setup and if ROM Shelf has a way to detect virtual drives. I use SSF, but due to it not loading .ISO files without mounting them first, I haven't configured it within ROM Shelf.
Proto Man Blues2012-01-07 03:10:18
Cool, I've got a new media Center PC on the way... should be here in a few days. I plan on doing a whole new configuration starting from scratch. I'll give version 2 a go on that PC. Suppose I want to update my other Media PC with version 2... do I have to delete everything and start over? Or can I just import certain files over from V2?
Proto Man Blues2012-01-06 04:27:20
I'm not too sure I want to switch to version 2... a few questions:
By using a sqlite database, does that mean if a ROM isn't in the database (Say a ROM hack) that Romshelf wont recognize it?
Also, I have a full-set of Mame ROMs. Is there a way to keep ROM shelf from displaying all the clones of various games? or displaying games that simply dont run?
Proto Man Blues2011-12-22 00:06:08
Thanks!! Works great! Will be looking forward to the new release.
Proto Man Blues2011-12-21 05:44:18
ROM Shelf is great! Been running it on my media center PC now for awhile. Just wondering though, can i run PC games from this bad boy? I every time I try, it ignores my .exe file saying it's a "crap ROM" ?? Any idea as to what I'm doing wrong? I setup all the other emulators and such just fine... but I can't get PC based games to load. Also, do you plan on updating ROM Shelf? I have some ideas as well. It seems not many people know about this yet either, I can make some posts and send some more traffic your way. It's really a good front-end, and easy to set up compared to others I've messed with.