Nikandrios2018-05-31 08:13:58
Great stuff so far. Keep going.
Nikandrios2018-02-22 13:19:23
The thing about Overwatch is that the entire game is based around picking a hero that counters the enemy hero and then playing competently with that hero to beat the enemy team. Enemy team has Zarya? Pick D.Va who can suck up her ult.
Nikandrios2018-02-22 12:16:12
This is my all time favorite of these. It's like he's bursting into laughter secretly while everyone else is looking at him super seriously. Venom just thinks "Haha, maybe wiping ashes on my face was a bit too much. what dumb shit can I say next?".
Nikandrios2018-02-22 12:07:33
I was going to post the thing you guys predicted in the end, but I predict that would be too predictable to be funny, so I'll make a comment not so predictable instead that acknowledges how unfunny that predictable comment would be. What I however did not predict is that my comment would still be unfunny.