Kelanor2013-07-05 16:21:45
SNES, Genesis, and GBA are all working now.
By defining an exact C:/ path for both launch and roms, or by using a relative ./ path for both launch and roms folder, it failed totally.
I got it working by leaving the Launch command as a relative ./ path, and making the roms an exact C:/ path.

My GBA(VisualBoy Advance) parameters look like this: "[ROMFILE]" -joystick
My SNES(SNES9x) parameters look like this: snes -cart "[ROMFILE]" -joystick
My Genesis(Fusion) parameters look like this: "[ROMFILE]" -joystick

Will delve into Project 64(N64), and ePSXe now I think.
Kelanor2013-07-04 12:44:53
Also, every time i load the frontend it starts on a black screen and I have to page over a couple of times to get it to load the lists. Is there any way to remove the 20 or so unused consoles from the list that way it only tried to use the 3 I use? (GBA, SNES, GENESIS)

Still haven't gotten around the problems from my above post yet either. :-(
Kelanor2013-07-04 07:00:43
My parameters look like this.
Launch Parameters: snes -cart "[ROMFILE]" -joystick
((Also tried just "[ROMFILE]" by itself, tried replacing it with "[ROMBASE]" in that command and also by itself.))
Launch Command: .\emulators\SNES\snes9x.exe
Rom Directory: .\roms\SNES
((Also tried direct paths to both this and roms))

Errors look like this exactly:
The rom file ".\roms\SNES\D:\My Lair\RomShelf\roms\SNES\King of Dragons.smc" does not exist.

I'm not the greatest at setting this sort of stuff up so I'm gonna guess that it's something simple, but I'm having difficulty finding documentation to show me what I'm doing wrong. lol
Kelanor2013-07-04 02:26:30
I have VisualBoy Advance, FCEUX, and SNES9x loaded loaded in this frontend, but when I try to any roms from these systems when it loads it says it can't find the rom. It is trying to duplicate the file path when it's searching for the rom. I tried both [ROMFILE] and [ROMBASE], tried leaving file path blank. Nothing seems to get the emulators to launch my roms. :-/