Hammersutd19832020-03-27 19:34:18
finally i got commodore line of machines to actually open but is there away or launch parameter to make sure the roms open automatically without tying any thing in, this is really annoying me.

Still love this front end, ive tried all others and this is the best, because it works for me with no expierence in this, and with an hour i had loads of systems all working.
Hammersutd19832020-03-26 16:57:37
Also i have added nintendo gamecube but for love of it, cannot figure how to auto launch the iso in dolphin, dolphin loads but the iso doesn't automatically.

I know that it has something to do with the launch parameters but cannot figure it out, nothing seems to work
Hammersutd19832020-03-23 16:04:45
I have tried to get commodore systems to work through romnself, they open in mame but get the -cart no recongised, i know they are cassette but does any one know how to get that working.

P.S. Great and easy front end!!