Eric M2013-07-02 03:38:30
Ok! So I changed the launch parameters for everything, and most of the emulators now start up with the rom loaded!

However the M2 Emu and Neo Geo emu still have that problem, but I figure that if I keep tinkering around the settings, I'll get em' working! Thanks again!
Eric M2013-07-01 03:19:11
First off, I want to say that Romshelf is awesome. After searching for an easy to use frontend, I was so happy to find RS. So far, it works pretty dang well!

Buuuuuuuuuuut, I do have a problem or few. So far only my SNES emu (I use snes9x) is the only emulator that will load along with the selected rom.

My other emulators (KEGA Fusion (for Genesis and 32X use), Model 2, WinKawaks for Neo-Geo, VirtuaNES) will load via the frontend, but the rom selected won't be loaded as the emu starts up.

Anyway to fix this? Should I use different emulators? Any tips will help! Thanks!