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-Spllsthch- -Twplsh- Her lower abdomen distended, warped around the silhouette worming its way through her crotch, the lum swaying to and fro like the tail of an exciting dog displacing her organs in its rampart through her, delivering ache through every strained musculature It bent to the grub's girth. Rarity paralyzed to do nothing but witness her midsection mould like clay around the protrusion of the parasite, and feel her flower undulate with strain, clutching the width of the filthy maggot. In the stress she exuded heat, in the cooled caverns of the hive she felt sweat and gunk coagulate to cold blotches over her heat pricked coat
Th-this is unbearable, c-can't you j-just wriggle your wa-way back out, no? Y-you are really hurting-nng
-Slsltch- Her stomach swelled around the outlines of her occupant. Tension easing from her marehood as it glid over every chubby segment of the larva despite each stretch filling her with the sense of fitting on a dress two sizes too small only for the ache to percolate at her middle, belly billowing outward with her skin contorting in flabs matching the sections of the invader's form. -Splsltch- -Pllssh- A splatter of gunk fluttered from her crotch, as the lips engulfed the maggot, sealing itself shut in its wake, her abdomen buckling, bending, distorting by the grub worming up to the wall of her cervix.
P-please I-ll do anything, I-i can get you a proper mother, provide all manner of cute holed outfits a-and my friend is great at partie-. P-please, Rarity pleaded as she felt the prods turning into rams, her vagina already contorted to a highway, and now her cervix followed suit, pried apart by the horn and squirms of the grub seeking its way through her, following instinct, the mentality imposed on it by the hive mind's orders, primal urges, to make itself a mother.
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I'm bringing back Retirn two TBM