Acronius2014-06-22 21:50:00
For some reason when I launch a PS2 or GC/Wii game through Romshelf it causes terrible slowdown in the emulation... however when I launch the same games directly through the emulator it runs perfectly. What might be causing this slowdown and how could I fix it?
Acronius2013-09-07 20:05:04
Another question, say I have a game that uses multiple discs, when I load the Roms it says it finds the game, but only shows like the game title, how would I select the appropriate disc to load?
Acronius2013-07-03 14:38:33
That worked out perfect for me thanks Badspot! Another question I had was that I remember in the first version there was a utility that allowed you to make your own background and layout for the main screen. Is that no longer an option with this new release?
Acronius2013-07-03 02:28:11
Or for example add a whole new console to the list, say PSP?
Acronius2013-07-03 02:23:58
Hey is there anyway to add consoles to the list? In the systems default folder there is a directory for Gamecube with the craproms, defaults, and picture... But it doesnt appear in the list inside the front-end