0072021-02-21 01:43:11
Any plans to update? Just curious
0072017-11-29 05:39:16
Help I'm still unable to get romshelf2 to allow ROMs with the word test in filename
0072016-04-07 14:13:11
ok never mind. I dont understand why but this time around deleting crap roms file worked. Must of done something wrong the other night.

I love this front end!
0072016-04-07 14:03:29
Thats what I thought but even after I deleted the file it found crap roms even thought the crap rom file was removed. ill try editing rather than deleting.
0072016-04-06 03:57:43
nevermind fixed...just had to enter full path rather than home dir.

Now I love this but would like to disable crap rom detection. i have a few "crap roms" i want loaded like jammanoid on the tg16.....
0072016-04-05 12:16:35
I found a bug under windows 7 x64.

When recognizing roms in a folder with multiple folders roms get found and listed but when you go to execute file not found error.
Solution if to uncheck search sub dirs for roms and put all in one folder.

Is this something that could get updated?