JCDenton2005-10-03 16:29:37
That's pretty damn good BadSpod

Due to lack of everyones knowlege i will discontinue saying BS
Badspot2005-10-03 20:20:16
Thanks, I drew this in 8th grade I believe. During school of course :D
Otis Da HousKat2006-10-17 20:09:31
It's the airport slaughter guy before he went nuts!
Annihilation2009-01-02 17:32:32
Nice drawing, quite neat compared to you used MS Paint.
Bleacher2009-10-29 02:00:23
Kewl Badspud
Penthoplayer2010-11-13 19:15:19
Looks like a character from "The Simpsons."
Penis2012-08-10 22:33:46
Is he... Drewling?

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