Toxicology2017-06-27 02:32:37
this is the real toxicology, i'm leaving
Toxicology2017-06-27 02:32:13
hey Beter, i'm leaving the forums
toxicology2017-06-26 13:51:11
i love thots actually
toxicology2017-06-26 13:10:58
I've lied to you all. I am a closet thot. I never publically admitted this, but I am a thot. I dream of fucking my best friends thot, planning it out, to do it when he leaves and shoving my dick so far up it's thot that it yelps at its girth. I planned this out- and I also find thots fucking hot. This may come as a surprise, but I had a secret that kept me coming to the forums as a sad 21 year old thot with no life... and I just needed to admit this to you all. Even if this isn't the best medium to do so- I am a thot, and I do not expect you all to accept me.