Rabbot322017-06-26 05:53:52
It begins.
Rabbot322017-06-26 05:23:53
Can you fucking imagine if that one guy who actually has shit parents saw this breakdown? He wouldn't be let near a computer for months.
Rabbot322017-06-26 05:13:16
Ocean Man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land, that you understand. Oh Ocean Man.
Rabbot322017-06-26 05:07:27
Considering bans aren't in effect, we could theoretically get old problem users here. That's an interesting thought.
Rabbot322017-06-26 05:02:36
It's like the forums were held together with a restraining bolt and someone pulled it. Everyone on the bleachers fell against each other, lost their minds, some other stuff happened, and now we're beating each other to death with our own limbs.
Rabbot322017-06-26 04:59:35
oh no.
Rabbot322017-06-26 04:57:51
Well other Rabbot, that's fantastic for you.
Rabbot322017-06-26 04:56:24
I love Tony
Rabbot322017-06-26 04:54:59
I don't even want to think about what would happen if we tried to play Fourm Games here.
Rabbot322017-06-26 04:53:03
I once described the Fourms to a friend as "4chan but the mods give a damn". This is just 4chan.
Rabbot322017-06-26 04:50:42
Somehow I knew this wasn't going to end well.