I was gang stalked in the USA for 3 years by Jews. The reason for the gang stalking is because I broke the code to the financial system proving that all markets are being controlled by a computer program. For coming out with this information, Jews gang stalked me for over 3 years, and the FBI is involved with this gang stalking. I am now the enemy of the USA and the Jews and I have moved from the USA and for the first time in my life I'm happy. Nobody in the world could be happy in the USA unless they were a faggot, lesbian, or Jew or a Satanist. America is the land of the walking dead, zombies without any opinion, without any thoughts, just mindless robots unable to think or act like a decent human being. When you leave the USA you see this very clearly. The lesson to be learned from America is simple. Anytime you have Jews in control of a country that country will be destroyed from the inside by the Jews. Jews and society do not go together, Jews and gas rooms go together perfectly.