Deokotaru2018-10-21 06:56:42
Will comment as I listen & stuff

Japan does some weirder shit than Fear Factor.
You guys just feel old for understanding the references of your generation, while newer generations usually don't get it. Imagine how the people older than you feel.

Damn, I've watched Conan more recently than you guys. And I don't even watch it.

Bomb physics, bomb-conversion, rolling rocks, conveyor belts (on/off/reversible), bear traps, falling blocks, keys, and dozens of things to be distributed into levels. In 3 chapters: Discovery, Adventure, Insanity. Powerups in adventures collecting 3 orbs 3 secret levels challenges (coin-collecting/speedrunning/death/superhard?)
more stuff comfirmed

Blob thing that grows? Creeper Mod? (Nvm, I see you found it)

Badspot didn't name Blockland, some random guy from another forum did. Awesome.

By the way, are you doing OK since that injury Rotondo?

Sounds like Perennial will have better physics than Blockland.

25.28% Complete. Nice. Hub world!

Yes I think there should be. I'm one of those people who would try to get everything the first time if I'm unsure I could return. Many games DO in fact do that. I'm often reminded that "You can go back to revisit levels that you have previously completed.". And usually they're accompanied by more content. Just hopefully not grindy required content.

All physics stuff from Perennial came from Badspot's ass. (CONFIRMED)
Squat some out for Blockland. Grab some coffee.

Lmao didn't you name Slate
RIP Slate

Nice Podcast. My bad for the long comment.