decepticon2017-06-27 23:48:33
the forums are now forbidden
Decepticon2017-06-27 05:17:49
wait that's not a question
decepticon2017-06-27 02:50:09
please i really hate this aero/glass selection style help
decepticon2017-06-27 02:29:07
i downloaded this windows xp theme and it's pretty good except for the fact it still uses the windows aero style when selecting stuff (like when i'm browsing through file explorer or selecting icons, the selection still has that glass semi-transparent light blue effect)

anybody know how to fix this
Decepticon2017-06-27 01:35:26
as much as i was hoping for an early 2000s theme that looked like it came straight out of windows xp, i'm glad we'll still be keeping to the early-mid 2000s look at least
decepticon2017-06-26 21:48:44
i hope the forums looks like it's even more from the early 2000s, like those old windows xp themes
decepticon2017-06-26 20:01:01
not to mention we're getting a new server entirely
Decepticon2017-06-26 19:59:54
>so did someone DDoS'ing the server take it down or
i'd imagine if it was just DDoSing the problem would be resolved pretty quickly, i don't think it's just DDoSing this time around
decepticon2017-06-26 05:56:09
who are you quoting
decepticon2017-06-26 05:47:06
or at least a way similar to them
decepticon2017-06-26 05:46:25
>this aint 4chan boi
nice try, can't fool me
this way of communicating is pretty neat though reminds me of early internet forums
Decepticon2017-06-26 05:31:07
dreamcast 2 when