Confused Teen2017-06-27 14:50:06
Was I anally raped?? Do I have HIV?
HI everyone,

I don't know why but I have always been a massive worrier last year (almost to the day) I went out and got really drunk wit my friend my friend ended up with this random guy and I fell asleep in my underwear and I remember this other gay guy who was there I kissed him but told him I wasn't having sex. I was in a seperate room to my friend and I fell asleep in bed next to this guy. I woke up and felt no discomfort or anything (although I do remember he had a small penis) but I was freaking out as I am a virgin(btw I'm a guy) and went to get tested for everything after 8 weeks I got my negative results for everything but I don't know why but I can't shake my worry over this horrible night. Thanks for any replies.