77x5ghost2018-07-04 17:41:43
b o r r o w e d t i m e
77x5ghost2017-06-27 22:49:19
boi what the fuck
77x5ghost2017-06-27 19:17:18
77x5ghost2017-06-27 18:11:09
too many impersonators
77x5ghost2017-06-27 18:09:15
bad rigel shame on you
77x5ghost2017-06-27 17:10:46
there are fake ghosts invading this forums
77x5ghost2017-06-27 17:09:18
please stop
77x5ghost2017-06-27 17:08:29
can you guys seriously stop its getting on my nerves
77x5ghost2017-06-27 17:06:40
holy shit guys
77x5ghost2017-06-27 17:05:53
yeah stop its annoying
77x5ghost2017-06-27 17:05:22
hey guys stop impersonating me you gays
77x5ghost2017-06-27 15:32:30
I'm scared.
77x5ghost2017-06-27 15:31:49
Am I real?
77x5ghost2017-06-27 15:27:00
Are you real?
77x5ghost2017-06-27 15:24:20
i can't tell who's real and who's not real anymore