1940s Pinup
It's no secret that I'm a fan of 1940s style pin-ups. I went all out for this one and I'm quite pleased with it.

Badspot2006-08-08 23:26:03
test comment
Not Badspot2006-08-10 17:32:02
Super test comment Xturbo
Kitty2006-10-16 10:56:51
I like it. ^_^
lol2007-02-05 18:24:13
Lol, Badspot loves wemen
Mr. Slate2007-02-13 21:11:06
I sing LOUD, for Fred's Fruity Pebbles!
2007-02-17 19:30:47
3 12r3rwerewrwerfew
Otis,who else would be 2007-02-17 19:40:44
fucking posting here unless they have a ban from the forums for two weeks?


I hate My Chemical Romance but every time this Helana song plays it gets stuck in my head.

Makes me want to kill myself...

Is that what they were going for?
Otis Da HousKat2008-12-18 13:36:54
^What the fuck is that shit?
Lordician2010-07-30 15:20:50
Obvious reference:
Some people think they can outsmart me.. Maybe..*sniff* Maybe, i have yet to meet someone who can outsmart women.

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