Dungeons of Dredmor Victory Screen
Victory in Dungeons of Dredmor.

Took away Lord Dredmor's license to cast, then kicked him in the balls repeatedly while he was distracted by my pet wyrmling. Piece of cake.

Difficulty: Going Rogue
Permadeath: True
Final Score: 1,265,808

Lordician2011-12-29 09:24:19
On Going Rogue?
Wow, nicely done.
What was your skill set?
Badspot2011-12-29 11:36:19
1. Promethean Magic
2. Ley Walker
3. Magic Training
4. Perception
5. Archaeology
6. Unarmed Combat
7. Berserker Rage

My strategy was to whore up the magic range attacks or distract enemies with the summoned wrymling. Magic training and ley walker tap mean basically infinite mana. Unarmed combat so I could double up on orbs and go for maximum magic power. Ley walker teleport spell lets you get the artifacts that spawn on islands, which can then be cashed in for experience via archaeology. Archaeology + Perception to avoid traps, especially doomsday traps like thaumite nest and corruption fluid on later levels. Berserker rage to get through the first level.
Rainbow2012-01-07 05:08:02
Wait...Why does the end have a female?
You see i have never gotten to the ending and played this a while ago, it's a good game tho.

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