• The game should load and play above
  • Requires javascript and webGL
  • Alt+Enter for full screen.
  • Use xbox controller or arrows,z,x,esc
  • Supports 4-player simultaneous co-op.
    Use multiple xbox controllers or rebind controls in options menu.
  • More info and download

snot2017-06-14 11:29:33
Steve54512017-06-14 11:31:00
whats a javascript
torin2017-06-14 18:50:06
freaking sweet lois
Badspot2017-06-15 04:58:07
>whats a javascript

That's a javascript.
Mett3D2017-06-15 06:46:38
Ja grzi miteinander!

Be free to delete
16-Bong2017-06-15 13:45:11
whats a webGL
Badspot2017-06-16 06:49:56
- fixed the broken multiplayer camera
- fixed some softlock scenarios with daisy
- tweaked behavior/appearance of collapsing platforms
Badspot2017-06-16 06:52:15
If you get bad performance, make sure you have hardware acceleration enabled on your browser. In chrome, go to chrome://settings/appearance, click advanced, scroll to the bottom and make sure that "use hardware acceleration when available" is turned on. Alternately, you can just download the desktop version.
Rednakin2017-06-16 09:05:01
The game window is misaligned. There's a lot of black space. I have a 1440p monitor.
Badspot2017-06-16 10:37:44
Take a screenshot. I also have a 1440p monitor.
Badspot2017-06-17 12:32:23
- Fixed case where daisy would miss rocket ship in ending cutscene
Badspot2017-06-17 13:43:20
- Fixed ending cutscene for real this time
- Fixed snake being invulnerable to superball
- Fixed totem head not being killed by boss plunger
Tanner2017-06-18 18:34:29
Are the sprites taken from somewhere?
It seems like there's these lines that are visible in the default graphics mode.
e2017-06-18 21:01:04
There's an issue with getting hit while having a powerup- it'll just revert you back to small mario instead of going to big mario
Badspot2017-06-19 07:12:46
>Are the sprites taken from somewhere?

It's based on Super Mario Land for the original gameboy.

>It seems like there's these lines that are visible in the default graphics mode

If you're talking about artifacts near each sprite, that's from texture sampling which I don't have full control over in webGL. It doesn't appear on every computer (not on mine). I have a plan to fix it but it's kind of complicated.

> it'll just revert you back to small mario instead of going to big mario

This is how it is in the original. The extra hit was only added for the US/Europe versions of Super Mario Bros 3 to make the game easier, in other early Mario games you only get one hit.
Potato2017-06-19 09:29:09
He abandons blockland for this, hes saying blockland is outdated but he went back 15 years lol.
Rednakin2017-06-29 08:36:33
the thing i complained about is now fixed.
Anonymous2017-07-02 10:51:02
Impressive work! You would make a great programmer!
Badspot2017-07-02 11:52:14
>You would make a great programmer!

Thanks, bro. I know I'll make it someday.
Niklassi2017-08-05 05:23:35
Is it possible to add a frameskip option? I have a Low-End PC and it would really help me. Thank you <3
Badspot2017-08-05 20:21:19
If you have a low end PC, I'd recommend downloading the binary version of the game. If it still won't run full speed (you must have a reaaally low-end machine), you can go into the options, change "vsync" from "hardware" to "high timer" or "ms timer" then select 30 fps.

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