Anonymous2017-11-24 07:47:46
Going to hack bl in 19 days hahahaaa
Anonymous2017-07-02 10:51:02
Impressive work! You would make a great programmer!
Anonymous2017-06-27 11:58:53
My eyes are dull, my heart is stiff. I'm tired of Nix the Glaceon asking me for yiff.
anonymous2017-02-20 06:24:53
Wow I should show my bullies!
anonymous2016-08-24 14:58:52
Will you be doing more Blockland stuff, soon?
Anonymous2015-11-08 10:51:06
Who is this "4chan"?
Anonymous2014-08-07 00:01:33
Do you mean Pacnet's Alt?
Anonymous2012-02-07 19:03:13
I typed CryoBan in my browser bar before I realized it. Really good ad those people made.
Anonymous2011-09-27 14:59:56
Anonymous2011-07-27 23:58:56
ɐpoqǝ ıןןnsʇɹɐʇoɹ ɔɐuuoʇ ɹnu˙
Anonymous2011-07-27 23:51:55
Anonymous2011-01-17 13:45:58
ontopic: Lol.
Anonymous2011-01-17 13:45:21
Nice name.....
Anonymous2011-01-17 13:34:09
lawl how many comments can you guys put on one gif?
Anonymous2011-01-17 10:44:29
Anonymous2011-01-17 10:22:00
Double post not required.
Anonymous2011-01-17 10:18:16
I'm guessing you used Random Brick Color for the cube.
Anonymous2011-01-17 10:17:05
Try scripting an explosive tower in Roblox, then in BL.
Easier, isn't it?
Anonymous2011-01-16 18:03:47
I don't think Badspot reads comments.
Anonymous2011-01-16 17:59:24
i watch spiders doing that all the time.
Anonymous2010-11-14 23:19:25
This one wasn't funny.. but at least the art was nice?
Anonymous2010-11-08 14:42:48
This one sucked
Anonymous2010-11-08 04:15:09
Man in the comics? But its all right, he dies painful death.
anonymous2010-09-28 21:59:33
More like LOLocaust.
Anonymous2010-09-12 15:33:54
How sad... The parent is common senseless...
Anonymous2010-09-03 18:54:06
What the hell, Josetox.
anonymous2009-11-01 12:05:13
2 words line rider
Anonymous2009-09-06 04:56:48
Anonymous2009-07-06 10:05:18
Anonymous2008-11-16 09:08:17
Seriously, add some sex animations, since people cyber on their anyway, and it would add another layer of realism to the game that just about all others are missing nowadays (why can't I rape dead bodies in GTA like I can in real life?).
Anonymous2009-07-24 13:42:52
Who is that?