This is a friendly beetleweight match at RoboGames 2017 - My shell spinner "Bezek" vs the vertical drum "Sharpshooter". We were both out of the bracket at this point but we had functioning robots, so why not fight them?

This match took place in the hex arena, which has a metal floor. Bezek has 2.5lbs of magnetic downforce and it makes a huge difference. I was able to spin up to 100% power at times with complete stability and no fear of flipping over. The drum portion of Sharpshooter is a kit but I believe the chassis is home made. Unfortunately, the design is not completely invertable and once upside down, the drum scrapes the floor and it loses mobility. Other drum chassis designs can run inverted and simply drive into the wall with the drum spinning to flip themselves back over.

On a side note, this match was incredibly loud. When you see video you can't appreciate how loud everything is - when two heavyweights hit each other it sounds like a car crash. Those big spinners you see on tv? Imagine someone hitting an oil drum with a sledgehammer a hundred times per second - that's what it sounds like. Even the tiny beater bar in this match scraping the floor was deafening. I wore ear defenders for most of the event.


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