Losers bracket beetleweight fight at RoboGames 2017 - My shell spinner, Bezek vs Just A Wedge.

Just A Wedge is an instance of the prolific D2 kitbot. It's essentially a really tough RC car with a titanium wedge on the front. It's very popular among children because you can't hurt yourself with it, so your parents might actually buy it for you. I knew this fight was coming because of how common these things are and I didn't really have an answer for it. I had plans for a weed-wacker attachment that would really go after the tires but I didn't have time or materials to build it - and with the non-magnetic floor, getting flipped over was an inevitability.

A big hit scrambled Bezek's IMU for a bit, which got me stuck in the corner for an uncomfortable amount of time. Once I regained my bearings and spun up again, I immediately got flipped over by a fairly minor hit - due to what I can only assume was a physics glitch in real life.

Just A Wedge's driver made a heroic effort to flip me back over but it just couldn't be done.

Darth C3P02017-06-27 03:18:52
Wedge has came back from the dead
Faggot2017-11-04 16:25:41
Nice Fidget Spinner Bot

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