3rd round winner's bracket fight in the 2017 RoboGames beetleweight division - My shell spinner "Bezek" vs the horizontal bar spinner "Dark Slayer".

Dark Slayer has a forged titanium chassis supporting a low cutting 1 pound titanium blade tipped with S7 tool steel teeth. It is also very maneuverable using brushless drive motors mated to very small but tough gear boxes. It's wheels are highly defended with titanium covers. It's a seriously tough bot that has won many competitions.

I had some maneuvering issues at the start of the fight (I wanted to avoid the hole) and this caused me to hit the wall. This gave Dark Slayer time to spin up to full speed, which is seriously bad news. In retrospect I should have driven into the blade immediately, even without spinning - I suspect my bot could out-push him and jamming up his blade early would have been a good move.

The weapon to weapon clash bent one my blades upward, which allowed his blade to get under mine more easily on the next hit which flipped me over. Once I'm upside down I have no way to self right. A weakness of shell spinners that I want to investigate in the future.


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