Ivanova: Now you can start by helping me to understand the precise nature of the conflict between the two sides that you've set up.
Drazi: Green.
Drazi: Purple.
Ivanova: No, I understand that there are two factions but what is your point of contention? Where do you disagree with each other?
Drazi: Purple!
Drazi: Green.
Ivanova: Yes, but who gets to wear the purple sash and who gets to wear the green sash? I mean is it based on income or caste or rank or?
Drazi: We put green and purple in great barrel equal to numbers of Drazi. Then we reach in. We take. Where there was one Drazi people, now there are two. The two fight until there are one!
Ivanova: ... That' it? I mean it's totally random? Arbitrary? Well then how do you choose the leader for either side?
Drazi: One purple and one green carries mark of leadership. He who takes leader cloth is leader. He who takes green is green and follows green leader. He who takes purple is purple and follows purple leader.
Ivanova: So in other words... Would you two please step step forward for a minute, please? Okay, so what you're trying to tell me is that if I take this purple sash off of him and put it onto him, that this one thing alone is enough to start -
[fighting breaks out]
Ivanova: Aaargh!

-- Babylon 5

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