Pax 2011 Rusty Hearts
A flyer included in the PAX 2011 advertising bag.

There is no other clue as to what this game is, even on the reverse side. I guess uncannily firm breasts are all you need.

Loqe2011-09-02 22:35:25
Actually, the game is quite clear up there called "Rusty Hearts", a low poly asian hach'n'slash, not much fun.
Some Pervert2011-09-03 12:35:20
I thought its call "Busty Hearts" ... common mistake, I guess.
Lordician2011-09-09 12:09:18
@Some_Pervert I am ashamed to agree.
Willkabob2011-11-08 11:13:53
Loqe, it's korean, not asian.
snot2011-12-12 10:52:57
koreans are asian

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