lego lad2017-10-09 19:52:18
how did anyone believe the bioo thing? you dont even have to know anything about tech to know its fake, its so obvious
lego lad2017-06-26 20:40:23
help i cant go on any longer

i need blf
lego lad2017-06-26 01:58:11
wheres drama section
lego lad2017-06-26 01:40:17
its ok guys torin's gay
lego lad2017-06-26 00:37:36
if we have blf 2 can we have bl 2
lego lad2017-01-22 17:54:41
so this is where it came from
lego lad2017-01-22 17:52:08
danger will robinbson
lego lad2016-08-23 16:32:28
blockland updates in a nutshell
Lego Lad2016-05-18 19:06:11
how does someone get the patience for this
Lego Lad2015-11-08 20:17:43
we must find the location