Antares2017-01-31 17:40:04
Badspot, do you have more screenshots what Blockland was like in mid 2005? If I dig back into your archive you wanted to finish a new version for Blockland Vanilla, I'd believe it had to be v0003.

Antares2016-03-23 04:04:10
Dangit, the video doesn't work anymore.
Antares2011-12-21 13:27:14
Age Of Time should get her last version. Where you can host and join servers again. That would be awesome.
Antares2011-01-01 14:17:54
> Ok, I like!!!!!! Please make a AoT2 and make male models, with the base format of the old game, and jeeps, guns, tanks, whips... OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh I am getting tingly just thinking about it!!!

Badspot isn't going to make a sequel to Age of Time. He can't keep two games into his hands, and Blockland is on the first place the important game for him. Because thousands of people play it now.
Antares2011-01-01 14:05:20
Woman love space too!
Antares2010-08-16 17:17:16
Wait the girl only carry an pink outfit without bra, panties or anything else? I would bang that slut on the kitchen table.
Antares2010-08-16 17:10:49
Lolol, this owns any other art work!
Antares2010-08-16 17:08:24
I wonder what would happen if an brunette girl broken into Eric's house, and entered the bathroom where Eric is taking a shower...
Antares2010-07-26 13:14:22
Because Badspot can prove he isn't gay.
Antares2010-07-17 12:10:19
The male models crashing Blockland. :C
The penis using 600,000 polygens. :C
Antares2010-07-17 12:07:45
@ (IP:
Download and purchase it on
Antares2009-09-05 04:37:22
Age of Time is still cool for new players.