Comic Ovophagy
You're not really eating something unless it was once alive.


Panel 1
[A kitchen]
Ms.Eat: Ooh! What's all this?
Ms.Cook: I'm making my own Cadbury's Creme Eggs

Panel 2
Ms.Eat: Looks delicious, but why not just buy some?
Ms.Cook: I would have to wait until easter. Plus... the Cadbury's version never lived up to my expectations.

Panel 3
Ms.Eat: What's this crunchy bit?
Ms.Cook: The embryo

Blarh2010-07-04 18:30:21
What's with the apron?
Jorna2010-07-05 03:50:06
Hydralisk2010-07-05 10:42:57
PERV2010-07-05 18:10:22
boobs :) lol jk im not a perv
Spock2010-07-06 02:00:12
Less funny, more cheesecake

fine with me
Comr4de2010-07-06 02:45:00
:( poor egg
Lordician2010-07-06 13:26:06
@last frame:
Meeses2010-07-07 00:46:58
MB UR MUM2010-07-07 13:44:22
Pervy pervy2010-07-09 23:34:56
Apron FTW? :P
Boom2010-07-12 02:34:56
Is it just me, or is all that girl is wearing is an apron?
The Duggler2010-08-03 17:03:48
Ha! New Cadbury Solid Eggs. They're crunchalicious!

I must try that sometime.
Antares2010-08-16 17:17:16
Wait the girl only carry an pink outfit without bra, panties or anything else? I would bang that slut on the kitchen table.
Plant2010-08-31 20:27:34
Cheeseburger Apocalypse2010-09-01 16:17:04
Ive seen one of those chinese dishs' that have the chicken embryo partially developed. This just reminds me of that abomination.
Shadowed9992010-09-07 12:45:42
( . )( . ) FTW
2010-12-05 15:39:00
Chocolate makes everything delicious! It's in the 5 chapter of the Female Instruction Manual
Magpie2010-12-05 15:39:12
Chocolate makes everything delicious! It's in the 5 chapter of the Female Instruction Manual
EtrnL_Frost2010-12-05 17:04:16
Why is it that this one made me laugh the most? I need to invest in a psychiatrist...
Alex2010-12-28 15:12:18
Was she wearing anything under that apron?
Bloody Mary2011-01-03 18:09:06
I could have sworn that the last panel changed.
I thought it was just "The embryo"
Anon2011-03-04 16:26:25
The commentary text really made this for me.
Alex2011-04-09 05:15:32
She looked like pure evil in that last panel. It would've had more effect if she laughed evilly at the end.
Mady022011-07-18 18:22:08
i bet thats a trick :P
Fifth2011-08-22 02:13:14
Preparing eggs the Filipino way I see. Balut

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