Tribes Deployables
Turtling with the flag in Tribes leads to boredom, which leads to pointless item deployment.

Immortality2006-04-02 15:44:53
Wow... You must of been quite bored..... spaming... in a mod... or map... ermm yeah... but tribes 1>all other fps :)
Knaz2008-08-22 20:17:56
" yeah... but tribes 1>all other " Amen.
Anyway: Looks like strange mutanic flowers. :3
Sankuro2008-12-07 16:59:06
[i]"Anyway: Looks like strange mutanic flowers. :3[i]
I agree with ya
Someretard2009-03-22 15:08:26
MAKE. THIS. A. GAME. If it already isnt...
Badspot2009-03-22 15:36:02
It's called Tribes and it is a game and it is now free.
someretard2009-03-29 14:14:14
Two things...
1: Why exactly is my text up there italic?
2: I DLed it and I am haveing problems with its internet. It wont let me connect.
InsertNameHere2009-07-03 12:49:36
It kinda looks like a super battle droid.
Ghjlf2009-09-20 19:19:45
Can you give me the link to tihs game?
Badspot2009-09-21 23:10:17
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-31 16:34:36

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