Miga2005-10-19 12:44:21
Wow Badspot you make some odd things :P
Djy19912005-10-29 19:17:07
Cool :D
O_o2005-11-09 14:56:03
Creepy...........................Yet seductive at the same time
Nick2006-01-13 14:58:43
Spation2006-03-23 12:18:49
What's that supposed to be?
Badspot2006-03-25 02:06:41
it's a line then it's a curtain then it's a flower then it's a dude in a truck then it's a dude in a spaceship
Spation2006-03-29 12:53:26
Very.... Intresting...
Liquid Snake2006-07-22 23:36:23
Looks like EasyToons.

Is it?
Badspot2006-07-24 19:34:51
Its just flash
The Oblivion Guard2007-08-28 11:03:41
How do you make it your avatar on forums?
er...hi?2007-09-14 07:44:49
i pooted
COOL! better then that "HANK!HANK!HANK!HANK!" thing
Left4Life2009-07-18 01:23:22
2009-07-27 19:57:11
program made with?
Yes.2009-08-03 19:14:54

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