trueblood11112018-07-08 18:42:32
Everything is fucked. The forums wont come back
trueblood11112018-07-08 16:41:03
Anybody else just want to blow their brains out
trueblood11112018-07-08 11:12:05
July 8th, the forums are still down
trueblood11112018-07-08 00:10:58
Zach got his account perma banned
trueblood11112018-07-07 19:14:02
I =
I I I _
trueblood11112018-07-07 18:07:50
The posts are repeating
trueblood11112018-07-07 16:49:27
trueblood11112018-07-07 15:05:28
Buy blockland forums all access for only $29.99
trueblood11112018-07-06 23:59:05
All this fuCKING spam
trueblood11112018-07-06 23:25:56
Search up 2 babies one Fox on google
trueblood11112018-07-06 18:21:31
Do NOT post html or bb code. You will be auto-banned.
trueblood11112018-07-06 17:37:04
Vote now on your phones
trueblood11112018-07-06 17:36:49
Would you rather fuck pie crust or fuck his dog
trueblood11112018-07-06 17:16:39
H*ck you
trueblood11112018-07-06 16:28:59
Cant wait to see the drama board again
trueblood11112018-07-06 16:25:30
I wonder when theyll get f i x e d
trueblood11112018-07-06 16:12:26
Forums are still fuckd lol
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:55:37
Can you stop
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:45:48
So thats who did that >:(
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:44:55
Yeah it died a while back
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:42:16
Is that badspots actual address Jesus Christ
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:24:27
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:21:11
o h
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:19:34
Anybody got anymore news about the forums coming back online or nah
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:15:37
Forums are still fucked
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:14:14
I need cum in my mouth now
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:13:35
Nice trolling, can we get back to the actual discussion now
trueblood11112018-07-06 00:03:26
Oh hi drydress <3
trueblood11112018-07-05 23:48:22
I really wanna know who h is in-game, hes funny as hell lol
trueblood11112018-07-05 23:40:05
Nobody knows
trueblood11112018-07-05 23:34:59
Im guessing youre Soviet narwhal or Fire vine..? Idk
trueblood11112018-07-05 23:22:58
Gee who is this elusive h person
trueblood11112018-07-05 23:22:30
Just check the help section in the forums- oh wait
trueblood11112018-07-05 23:04:24
God this is worse than torins sense of humor
trueblood11112018-07-05 22:45:13
What is even going on
trueblood11112018-07-05 22:31:40
Oh hi pk <3
trueblood11112018-07-05 21:07:41
Does anybody wanna buy a microwave? Only 23 dollar
trueblood11112018-07-05 21:07:14
Totally original joke
trueblood11112018-07-05 21:04:20
Same @Gatekeeper
trueblood11112018-07-05 20:39:05
*notices bulge* OwO whats this?
trueblood11112018-07-05 20:23:31
this is a fucking disaster
trueblood11112018-07-05 20:04:14
Everyone is spamming
trueblood11112018-07-05 19:52:32
trueblood11112018-07-05 19:36:14
Hey guys mind if I link my lucario porn collection
trueblood11112018-07-05 18:47:44
I cant believe the blockland forums is fucking dead
trueblood11112018-07-05 17:47:22
How will I get my juicy drama now?!!