pie crust2018-08-08 10:54:03
whta the fucnek!!!! unbna! me !!!
pie crust2018-07-06 16:03:22
fuck you anon
pie crust2018-07-06 16:01:11
hey @badspot can i come back?
pie crust2018-06-17 18:51:41
hey where my bitches at?
Pie Crust2018-05-14 11:59:31
look ma! I'm on TV!!
Pie Crust2017-06-27 14:45:39
> "Fuck ComCast. They've banned my service because it had child pornography on it. Who the fuck posted this shit?"

pie crust2017-06-26 18:04:42
i love fucking dogs
Pie Crust2017-06-26 08:42:01
If only phones had an "Page End" button...
Pie Crust2017-06-26 08:36:19
Pie Crust2017-03-20 21:16:20
so accurate
Pie Crust2015-09-23 22:30:16
Where's the log-out button in Real Life?
Pie Crust2011-07-24 20:28:23
Not bad.