god2018-07-05 17:07:14
wah hah hooo
GOD2018-07-05 14:26:07
I bet 20$ mommy monika is planr
GOD2018-07-05 13:55:24
Does anyone have a list of people hacked?
God2010-06-26 19:00:17
Oh my me. I miss the old times :(
God2010-06-21 00:58:13
I'm pretty sure that most of the people viewing this are "White". Therefore, it wouldn't be that smart to call us niggers.
God2010-06-16 14:44:24
You want Vanilla Blockland? That is the prototype right?
God2010-06-16 14:40:43
As shitty as this prototype is, it would make a really good game if it was polished up and had great graphics and was online.
God2008-01-04 12:54:26
I love you.