gavinthezavin2018-07-06 20:32:47
gavinthezavin2018-07-06 01:49:37
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 23:10:19
why is this place full of fags that belong in mental hospitals
they're probably banned from the actual blf
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 20:53:49
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 20:32:55
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 20:31:31
what record
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 19:49:01
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 19:47:38
@Nitro its pretty obvious you aren't the real nitro
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 19:39:48
@trueblood1111 no thats retarded
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 19:32:42
holy fuck
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 19:29:19
only fags use cat faces
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 19:27:42
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 19:21:03
this is chaos
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 19:08:25
@Woof leave
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 16:50:13
shut the fuck up
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 16:06:46
@Centerman12346 you haven't grown up at all lol
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 15:20:39
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 15:08:20
so uhhh when will blf come back online
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 15:07:33
@c[_] press down the scroll like its a button then you can move the page by moving the mouse
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 15:04:36
honestly pie crust is fucking retarded
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 15:03:20
you're all unepic
gavinthezavin2018-07-05 15:01:39
ur mom gay memes are unfunny