TableSalt2017-07-16 17:40:58
absolutely undetectable.
TableSalt2017-06-28 01:11:09
Nevermind; it was just taking its time.
TableSalt2017-06-28 01:08:40
I can't log in and trying to reset my password doesn't send the e-mail.
TableSalt2017-06-27 14:43:13
too bad theres no truth
TableSalt2017-06-27 13:40:31
why is the planet venus named after the goddess of love and beauty if its covered in dense sulfuric acid clouds like that just doesnt seem quite right to me
TableSalt2017-06-26 00:18:32
uh, blockland 2 already exists
TableSalt2017-06-26 00:15:09
this will definitely go in the chronology
TableSalt2017-06-26 00:13:09
Papa knows best.
TableSalt2017-06-26 00:11:01
dude, nice.
TableSalt2017-06-26 00:04:00
One night a year, all shitposting is legal...
TableSalt2016-02-13 05:07:14
TableSalt2015-02-12 03:12:18