Sig Maker2005-10-05 19:32:05
i don't mean take it from me i mean as in a punch of it in yo face!
Sig Maker2005-10-05 19:31:29
Sig Maker2005-10-05 17:11:19 MY SIG ROCKS YO TINY LITTLE WORLD! NOW LISTEN TO THIS! ~farts~
Sig Maker2005-10-04 12:11:34
stfu SOB and get me some soda, Packer
Sig Maker2005-10-04 12:10:49
Thank you! I only used PhotoShop CS2 Trial without any plug-ins or anything to make it look better...i used the trial stuff to make it!
Sig Maker2005-10-03 23:48:45
Hey look at my sig i made!